EP52: Magnesium Magic, a Natural Treatment for IBD, and Should Dietitians Learn About Foodservice?

This week on the show, Jenn and Kelli discuss some exciting new research and a listener question! First, they cover how magnesium can affect your body and help out a very important vitamin; then, they discuss a common "superfood" and its potential as a cure for a complication of Irritable Bowel Diseases; and finally, they... Continue Reading →


EP51: Ancestral Diets, Disordered Eating in Dietetics, and Why Do I Crave Salt?

This week, Jenn and Kelli discuss two listener questions and an article explaining why you may be craving salt. But first, Jenn shares some really interesting facts she learned on a recent trip to the Smithsonian! Our first listener asks - does knowing more about food and nutrition "ruin" it? And next, we discuss a... Continue Reading →

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