The Nutrition Nerds Podcast delivers the latest in nutrition news straight to your ears via hosts Jenn Baugh and Kelli Yates. No longer do you have to scroll through endless articles and studies trying to decide what’s worth reading – we’ll do it for you! Join us every weekend and stay informed!

Our Mission:

To provide our listeners with the latest nutrition news from popular and medical open sourced media. Fact-checking by using current peer-reviewed research is our priority. Exploring the factors of an issue creates thought-provoking discussions. Presenting both sides of any issue provides fairness. We also promote the field of dietetics as a science and promote registered dietitians as pivotal health care providers. 

Meet The Nutrition Nerds:


My name is Jennifer Baugh and I love being a Nutrition Nerd! I have always enjoyed food; not just eating it, but reading about it, planning it, cooking it, talking about it. When I learned that food could be medicine, I was determined to become a registered dietitian so I could help people discover how good they can feel with the proper fuel. I hope one day to help empower those diagnosed with diabetes by nutrition education and teaching hands-on kitchen skills. Besides food and nutrition, I enjoy being a nerd in other ways. You may see me at Dragon Con in Atlanta, for instance! I love to play tabletop games, go hiking, running, weightlifting, walking my dog, and reading fiction. I am married to a wonderful person, Chris, who supports me daily. We live in Avondale Estates close to the fabulous DeKalb Farmers Market where I love to shop for my fresh fruits and vegetables.

Hi! I’m Kelli Yates, a dietetic intern and entrepreneur with a passion for holistic nutrition, mind-body wellness, and promoting self-love. My journey to wellness began in a difficult place, and blossomed when I discovered that there is more to being healthy than having a “perfect” body. I went back to school after years in the workforce as a veterinary technician so that, one day soon, I can work alongside counselors to help people with disordered eating and mental health issues develop a healthier relationship with food. When I’m not working as an intern, I am a freelance health writer, teach a free class on nutritious disaster preparedness, climb rocks (indoors!), and play with my cats. Oh, and co-host the nerdiest podcast ever! I am the lucky wife of my husband David and we live with our three kitties Xerxes, Ollie, and Jetta near Atlanta, Georgia.