Our Top 10 Episodes

During our hiatus, check out our most listened to episodes from the past year!

1. EP63: Applying to a Dietetic Internship (w/ Special Guest Jenny Westerkamp, RD, CSSD)

We loved doing this episode and our special guest Jenny Westerkamp was so fun to interview! Listen in to hear our personal tips and tricks for navigating the internship application process.

2. EP70: Healthy Obesity, Processed Foods and Weight Gain, and Nutrition for Breast Cancer

The fact that this our second most popular episode is AWESOME, because it means people are curious about healthy obesity! Listen in to discover what this means and how bigger bodies can thrive too.

3. EP58: The Intermittent Fasting Episode

In this special episode, we discussed some of the latest research surrounding this popular eating pattern. Who could benefit, who should stay away from it, and what it does to your body. Listen in to find out everything you ever wanted to know about IF!

4. EP74: A Cure for Crohn’s, Limits on Quack Nutrition, and Why Do People Hate Cilantro?

This episode explores a case study of a man who reversed his Crohn’s disease with a plant based diet and the science behind the cilantro debate: is it delicious or disgusting? Tune in to find out!

5. EP71: Gel Water, Food Timing, and Signs You Need More Carbs

We had never heard of gel water before a listener sent us a question about it – tune in to find out what it is and why you don’t need to spend your hard earned cash on it (unless you want to!).

6. EP66: The Science of Snacking, Adaptogens, and a Link Between Additives and Disease

Adaptogens have been popular for quite some time, but what are they? Should we be taking them? Are they safe? Listen in to find out!

7. EP69: Benefits of Ginger, Fecal Transplants, and What to Eat After Working Out

We love this episode because we get to discuss one of our favorite topics – POOP! Poop can tell us a lot about our health, and now, other people’s poop may help us improve it. Tune in to learn all about fecal transplants!

8. EP67: The Future of Nutrition, GAPS Diet Questions, and is the Impossible Burger Healthy?

This was a super interesting episode because we talked about how artificial intelligence can improve healthcare – including nutrition! We also discussed the Impossible Burger and whether it’s “healthy” compared to a typical burger. Check it out!

9. EP59: The Magic of Blueberries, Keto for Liver Health, and Salt’s Role in Allergies

Ah, our old friend Keto. Tune in to find out if the ketogenic diet can help – or harm – your liver!

10. EP72: Clean Eating, Soy Protein Isolate, and Energy Drink Risks

We had such a great discussion about the term “clean eating” in this episode. What does that term mean to you and how do you feel about it? Listen in to hear what we think!

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