EP74: A Cure for Crohn’s, Limits on Quack Nutrition, and Why Do People Hate Cilantro?

***Corrections Corner: our Nutrition Genius Patron’s name is Emily Branch, not Michelle Branch. Michelle Branch is Kelli’s favorite singer/songwriter from the early 2000’s =P

This week on the show, Jenn and Kelli discuss:

  • Social media limits on quack nutrition and dangerous ads
  • Why some people hate cilantro while others love it
  • A person with Crohn’s Disease who was cured by a plant based diet
  • H

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Mentioned in this episode:

How the Calorie Content in Food Is Determined

Why Does Cilantro Taste Like Soap To Some People?

Cilantro Haters, It’s Not Your Fault

There’s a Very Specific Reason Why You Hate Cilantro

Aldehydes: an overview

Could a plant based diet be the answer to Crohn’s disease?

Facebook limits the spread of quack cancer treatments but leaves wellness alone

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